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Ying Muncy earned her Master's degree in Landscape Planning and Design from China Forestry University and later worked at the China Academy of Landscape Planning and Design. Ying moved to the United States in 1988 and has actively been engaged in pottery and bronze sculpture work for over two decades. She’s continued to build her skills through coursework and workshops, and has spent time learning from world-class sculptors like John Soderberg. Her works are exhibited and sold in 9 galleries across California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon. She participates in local art festivals and exhibitions every year with many of her works being collected by new and old art collectors. She has won many awards (People’s Choice, 1st and 2nd place prizes, etc.) and has had numerous articles written and works  published in newspapers and magazines over the years.

In 2016, at the invitation of the 80th class of Beijing Normal University Experimental Middle School, Ying created a commemorative sculpture of Mr. Liu Chao-chen in dedication to the school’s centennial anniversary.

In 2017, Ying returned to China upon invitation by Dr. Yu Kong-Jian of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She began work as the Artistic Director of the Turenscape Academy.  During this period, the organization participated in the preparation of international art festivals and music festivals, and included an art study tour stint.  The Turenscape Academy established the Liu Ying Pottery Studio. In addition to teaching in the studio, Ying took an apprentice under her wing and trained her to further the studio's mission after she returned to the United States.

For the last two years, Ying has focused her energy primarily on oil painting. “The works are derived from what I see, what I feel, and what I think as I travel around the world.  I express and convey my emotions through my paintings.”

In Ying’s words: “I love to travel. So far, I've had the privilege of visiting all seven continents and over 60 countries.  One of my favorite countries is Mexico.  I am moved by the beauty of this country and the kindness and authenticity of the locals, so I feel I just have to paint them.  I especially like that they love life and music and that almost everyone can sing and dance! I’ve visited Mazatlan for vacation many times over the last 20 years.  Last year, I finally chose to make this beautiful city my second home. I have now lived there for the majority of the last six months and have since created twenty-five oil paintings, drawing on my inspiration from the local landscape and people.


Yingsart Studio           Reno, NV

Reno Artist Co-Op         Reno, NV


Trunk Show                Tahoe City, CA

James Radcliff Gallery    Sedona, AZ

Esteban’s                 Sedona, AZ

Zonies Galleria           Sedona, AZ

Bronzesmith Gallery       Prescott, AZ

Second Street Gallery     Bandon, Oregon

Riverside Studios      

Carson City Art Gallery   Carson city, NV



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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