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Oil Paintings

For the last two years, Ying has focused her energy primarily on oil painting. “The works are derived from what I see, what I feel, and what I think as I travel around the world.  I express and convey my emotions through my paintings.”

In Ying’s words: “I love to travel.  So far, I've had the privilege of visiting all seven continents and over 60 countries.  One of my favorite countries is Mexico.  I am moved by the beauty of this country and the kindness and authenticity of the locals, so I feel music and that almost everyone can sing and dance! I’ve visited Mazatlan for vacation many times over the last 20 years.  Last year, I finally chose to make this beautiful city my second home. I have now lived there for the majority of the last six months and have since created twenty-five oil paintings, drawing on my inspiration from the local landscape and people.”

father and son.jpeg

Mazatlan, Mixico

fishing boats
Jos's bar beachlife
sailboat sunset
Flower and friuts
stilllife 1
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