I like playing with animal shapes, people, nature and mixing in flairs of the abstract to add to the realistic nature of my art.  I distort shapes slightly and add a little bit of eccentricity to keep my art interesting, while still preserving the life-like nature of my pieces.

     Over the years, my two passions, traveling and art have grown intimately intertwined. My frequent travels have become the main inspiration for my work. The exotic places I visit rouse something inside me that translates into ideas for clay. Every time I travel in a new place and see new things, I get excited thinking of different ways I could depict these inspiring things in my own way. Traveling to Europe, Africa, China, South America, & Tibet each inspired their own unique beauty.  Whether building a French worker, an African giraffe, a Tibetan monk, or a farmer from my homeland in China, I love to capture and portray their individual uniqueness and beauty.

     My hope is for you to enjoy the beauty of my passion as much as I enjoy making it. I want my art to speak to you, and to touch you on a deeper level than just the pleasing of your eyes.  My intention is to create art that expresses my travels and my thoughts, and hopefully speaks to everyone who observes it.



Yingsart Studio           Reno, NV


Reno Artist Co-Op         Reno, NV


Trunk Show                Tahoe City, CA


James Radcliff Gallery    Sedona, AZ


Esteban’s                 Sedona, AZ

Zonies Galleria           Sedona, AZ

Bronzesmith Gallery       Prescott, AZ


Second Street Gallery     Bandon, Oregon


Riverside Studios                www.riversideartstudios.com

Carson City Art Gallery   Carson city, NV



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso